#Story: World Traveler Finds her Tribe

Hanny of The Global Wanderess started blogging to share her travels across the world. It lead to finding her tribe of fellow travelers. She posted her #story on Instagram and graciously allowed us to repost it here. To see her original post, click here.

In honor of #tbt I wanted to share this photo. I also wanted to share a #story since that is @flblogcon theme for this year!

Hanny of  @theglobalwanderess  in Cancun

Hanny of @theglobalwanderess in Cancun

My story isn’t about how I quit my job to travel around the world, it’s also not about how I became a Travel Channel host because neither one is true. I haven’t done either... yet!

World Traveler

Since the age of 3, I have traveled to different countries. I was constantly traveling even though I had a regular life - going to school, having neighborhood friends etc... Even though I had a regular life, I still didn’t quite feel like I belonged. I felt a bit out of place and realized that most of the time, it was because people couldn’t relate to my traveling lifestyle.

At the age of 4, I was in Rio de Janeiro; age 8, I was in Peru; age 10, I was trying to find my way out of a Maze in Hampton Court Palace in The UK; age 14, I was shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey.

No one I knew could relate to any of my experiences, so I felt rather out of place. Especially, since traveling was a major part of my life.

As an outlet, I decided to blog about my experiences and slowly it turned into a place where I could offer travel tips and guides.

Hanny blogging in her free time

Hanny blogging in her free time

Finding My Tribe

After a few years of blogging, I found other people just like me! Bloggers, creatives, travelers...people that shared similar experiences and that could totally relate to my travel lifestyle.

My story may not be a rags to riches type of story, but I do feel that my story shows how blogging has helped me find people with similar experiences and has helped me help others with travel!

Connect more with Hanny and follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter at @theglobalwanderess.

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