2018 #FLBlogging4Good

Let’s put our collective voices and influence to good use! Let’s spread word about an amazing organization doing good and making real change here in Florida. This year’s recipient of our #FLBlogging4Good program is MicheLee Puppets.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.37.55 AM.png


Since 1985, MicheLee Puppets has provided entertaining and educational performances in schools. Our live shows, videos, and educational resources address current issues and impact thousands of children and youth each year. We work with schools, after-school programs, churches, youth groups, arts organizations and social service agencies to develop cutting edge, issue-based programs that change lives.

Directions to Participate:

Visit the website to find out about MicheLee Puppets and their mission: MicheLeePuppets.org.

  1. Write a blog post, create a video or podcast mentioning MicheLee Puppets’ mission.

  2. Post to Twitter or Instagram tagged with #FLBlogging4Good.

  3. You are then entered to win an Amazon Echo Dot.

  4. Entries must be posted and tagged by October 29, 2018.