20 of Our Favorite Photo Apps

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20 of Our Favorite Photo Apps


We can't all be professional photographers, but thanks to several useful apps, we can pretend to be! (And almost look like it!)

1. Snapseed

This app is focused on editing, and it has immersed itself into since it came out in 2011. With 29 filter tools, textures, and other effects, Snapseed is frequently listed by professional photographers as a favorite iPhone app.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express and or Lightroom

Adobe currently offers 2 phone apps: Express or Lightroom. The difference is Express is more of a one-stop shop for editing photos on-the-go. The Lightroom app works in conjunction with a desktop version. 

3. Camera +

This go-to third party camera for iPhone offers more control over key camera functions. Image stabilizer, clarity tool, shutter control, and filters make this app a good all-in-one editing tool. 


4. Fotor

For picture adjustment and then post-editing design (such as text overlay and shapes) Fotor is a solid app.

5. PicsArt Photo Studio

This all-in-one editing and design studio gives you some pretty cool frames, stickers, and gif-like effects.

6. ReTouch

Have a great photo except that one annoying spot or item you wish you could delete? ReTouch does that for you. Easily.

7. AfterFocus

Those of you with a fancy new iPhone already have that cool depth of field capability, but for those of us without it, AfterFocus can easily create it for you.

8. FaceTune

Need to whiten teeth? Cover up a blemish? Slim down an arm? This app does that for you.


9. Mira

Mira is the desktop version of FaceTune, but offers even greater control over skin tone, etc.

10. Color Splash

This photo editing app allows you to turn a photo to black and white and then use your finger to "color in" your subject, really making it pop.

Color Splash creates unique shots.

Color Splash creates unique shots.

11. Google Photoscan

Designed with your old photo albums in mind - meaning the physical ones from your childhood. Photoscan allows you to quickly turn them digital for safekeeping and sharing.

12. Clone Camera Pro

This app allows you to combine several photos into one image - imagine seeing yourself up to 4 times in different positions on the same photo!

13. LifeCake

A time machine for your photos - especially cool for keeping track of your family photos!

14. Insta Toon

We've seen a ton of photo filter apps but this one stands out, not only for its filters, but because it also works in real-time on your videos.


15. Background Eraser

Easily cut out your subject with a swipe of the finger.

16. Panorama 360

Easily create a true 360 degree photo with your smartphone. 

17. Arqspin

Create a 360 degree view of an object on a spinning roundtable -perfect for showcasing products.

18. Emergent VR (Android Only)

Capture a photo that's interactive through virtual reality.

19. GIPHY World

Step into combining augmented reailty with your photos through sticker overlays.

20. Path On - Swipe to Type

Ever wish you could easily place text around your subject on the photo. Path On allows you to do this - just draw with your finger where you want it to go.


What are some of your favorite views?

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