Blog Talk TV is FLBlogCon's very own social media inspired talk show that features top bloggers and content creators.

Produced by Concrete Lion Pictures, the show is shot on location in Orlando, Florida and stars hosts Bess Auer and Ben Reed and special segment host Josh Murdock.

Season 1 and 2 are now playing on TV across the nation on Cox Media and Spectrum (formerly Bright House), so check your local listings. Many episodes can be found on YouTube or you can watch Season 1 right here.

Bess and Ben talk with Disney podcaster Lou Mongello about his favorite experiences, including the time he interviewed Julie Andrews and went cruising with Ridley Pearson.
Ben and Bess talk with Jeanette Scott of, one of the country's top fashion bloggers, about her use of affiliate links.
Ben and Bess talk with social media professor Sunshine Baker about how bloggers can best work with brands.
Ben and Bess talk with SwimmerJoe about live streaming and using video to build a blog following.
Ben and Bess talk with go-to Google guy Tom Jelneck about SEO for bloggers.
Ben and Bess talk with social media and branding expert Justice Mitchell.
Ben and Bess talk with stand up comedian and blogger Adam Avitable about the art of writing.
Ben and Bess talk with Lisa Wilk about her transformation from an in-print food critic to leading food blogger.
Ben and Bess talk with top Youtuber Jon Watson and how he became an adventure videographer.
Ben and Bess chat with Virginia food blogger Liz Thomson about building a strong community.
Ben and Bess talk with business blogger David Brim about how marketing is like fishing.
Ben and Bess talk with community builder David Glass, the creator of the new massive tech event Orlando IX.
Ben and Bess talk with former TV producer Jeff Sharon about blogging for a sport.
Ben and Bess talk with Chris Kernstock about tricks and tips for creating awesome GoPro videos.
Ben and Bess talk with Cory Warren, parent blogger and foodie.
Ben and Bess talk with Michele Badie about how she created her own app and online course.
Hosts Ben and Bess talk apps and gadgets with featured blogger Professor Josh. He shares his favorite tools to create content on the go while attending SXSW and other big blogging conferences.