2018 Agenda

Business of Blogging

How to Present Yourself as an Influencer to a Brand (Beginner)

Pitching to the Brands of Your Dreams (Intermediate)

Working with Brands as a Serious Influencer (Advanced)

Drop-shipping to Beef Up Your Blogging Business

Time Management for Busy Bloggers Like Us


For PR Pros & MarketERS

Micro Influencers working with Brands and Agencies

Hosting Influencers and Events: The Power of Social

How to Identify, Attract, and then Work with the Right Influencer

Google Ads and Golden Ratios

Podcasting for Brands

Think Outside The Box: Brands & Bloggers Creating a Beneficial Relationship Together

Social Media Marketing

Twitter Isn’t for Twits - It May Just be Your Most Powerful Network

The Power of YouTube and Awesome Video Making

Search Engine Optimization and Why You’re Doing It Wrong

How To Get Your Brand Covered By Local and National Media

Beyond the Norm: Trying Out News Tactics for Your Audience

10 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free


Killer Content Creation

Content for Beginners - Templates, Calendars, and Tricks of the Trade

Leverage the Power of Storytelling through Words and Pictures

Voice Apps and the Future of Content Creation - It’s Now!

Lights, Camera, Demo! Staging and Lighting for Influencers

Video Isn’t Just for Hollywood Anymore - Tips & tactics